My First CD



9 and a half years old.

Walking alongside my mom at the mall, we went into Newbury Comics. I locked eyes on “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” soundtrack and knew it had to be mine.

My first album.

This was the first album that was all mine. In the car or dancing around the living room, I always listened to “The Sound of Music” soundtrack or the greatest hits of ABBA . My mom let me borrow those albums to listen to in my room after school. But they weren’t mine.

This was all mine. I could feel the independence at the tip of my fingers.

I could listen to this CD until I scratched the back and nobody would yell at me. I got to tell people if they could borrow it from me or not. It was mine.

Looking back, I know there are marks of independence far greater than “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” Soundtrack. But it didn’t matter. In 2003, I took whatever I could get. And looking back, I smile, missing the days when owning a CD was my greatest accomplishment. Thinking that an act so seemingly insignificant brought me so much happiness. So much joy.

I miss that.

What was your first album?


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