*Insert Generic April Fools Day Story Here*

When I was a kid, April Fools Day was my Christmas. Every year I woke up and let the gears in my menacing brain turn, thinking of original pranks to play on my family and friends.

Well, in my third grade class with Mr. Keane, I took Aprils Fools Day too far.

I read in a Highlight’s magazine of a certain prank a girl from Missouri played on her class: she replaced the Oreo filling in a pack of Oreo’s with toothpaste and gave them to her class. This trick was right up my alley, so I knew I had to give it a go.


So on April 1st, I came into class with a pack of Oreo’s; the faces of my classmates lit up when they saw what I had in my hand and when Mr. Keane said I could give them out at snack time, I couldn’t wait to pull this trick off.

10:15 came around and after reading us a chapter of “Skinnybones” by Barbara Park, the perfect April Fool’s book, we all rushed back to our seats for snack time. I handed the Oreo’s to Mr. Keane and he put them at the front table.

“Everybody can take one Oreo,” he said as the anticipation in me grew higher and higher. I held my breath as the 18 other students in my class grabbed a cookie and looked around to see who would take the first bite: it was my close friend Sam Mastrangelo. She paused for a second before staring at the cookie and spitting the contents out into a napkin. “Ew! This cookie has toothpaste in it!”

As everybody smelled the minty cookie, I couldn’t help the smile the spread across my face. Mission accomplished. That was, until Mr. Keane took wind of the prank I had pulled. I don’t remember the words he said to me in his 30 second lecture; all I remember is the instant red my face became while being yelled at and those dreaded five words: “Go to the Principals Office!”

That 2003 April Fool’s Day sealed my fate; I would never play a prank in school again.

April Fools! This story is as false as saying “it takes 3 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.”

Plus, I’ve never been to the Principal’s Office.


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