The Last One

Life is a journey. It’s always moving, always changing. We can’t rely on consistencies but have to learn how to go with the flow.

I learned this when I was dropped off for my first day of college in 2012.

After weeks of preparation, I still wasn’t ready to move on. I wanted my world to stay the same. But it was time to gain new experiences and part from the life I had grown to be so comfortable with.

It took me a while but eventually, I closed the previous chapter of my life and opened a new one at college.

This blog has been a journey; one that has enriched my journey and helped me grow.

Unfortunately, however, this journey has come to an end. I’m off to summer camp to grow as a counselor and leader, meaning I have to put my writing on hold.

Thank you to my readers for being invested in this blog. Thank you for reading what I have to say. And thank you for allowing me to share my memories. I hope, if anything, this blog has encouraged you to take a break from the craziness of life to reflect on the memories that shaped who you are.

Remember that life is a journey. A journey that should be remembered.