Listen to the Mustn’ts


We all have a quote from our childhood that always sticks with us. Specifically in children’s books and poems, there is a stand out quote from most major pieces of work. I loved Shel Siverstein. The poem “Listen to the Mustn’ts” from Where the Sidewalk Ends was my personal favorite. I loved his poetry because while it was catchy and especially appealing to the ear, it always had a message. A simple message but a significant one. This poem taught me that nothing is impossible. And I still carry that message with me today.

If you haven’t read this poem, look at it’s simplicity then think about what it’s saying. And be inspired.

Now think of your favorite quote or line from a piece of literature when you were a child. How can it apply to your life today? I think doing this will help you to realize how simple life can be.


New Blog: Poetriotales

Hey Everyone!

Check out my new blog over here! It’s a co-authored blog with two of my friends Paul and Zach (click on their names to check out they’re respective, awesome blogs). As three college kids with a passion for writing and figuring the world out, this blog is a compilation of our poetry and different interpretations of a variety of pictures, lyrics and topics. Coming this week, Paul will be analyzing one of his favorite song lyrics and building original writing off of them. We’re excited to write it and we hope you’re excited to read it!